Invitation for the Creative Construction Conference 2014

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Creation is an inspiring endeavor. This is especially true when one creates objects of a size that only a few people can. Cathedrals or skyscrapers, bridges or aqueducts, highways or dams are not only fascinating due to their size but also because they greatly affect the lives of all people in their proximity – for decades or even centuries. Construction…this is a true creation.

However, the creator’s responsibility is enormous. These objects require enormous and diverse resources. In addition, among all other anticipated outcomes the creator must meet project deadlines and ensure appropriate quality. As time progresses, it is getting harder to live up to the ever growing expectations: high-rises buildings with almost two hundred stories are being designed and built, trains begin compete with the speed of airplanes, buildings may be expected to produce rather than consume energy, and in the not-so-distant future we will build in outer space, most likely with advanced robotics.

Meeting the growing demands for a better built environment requires increasing levels of diverse knowledge.  It follows that an ever increasing number of branches of science and engineering choose to engage themselves in service to the construction industry, and through this service – in the creative act of building.

Our annual Creative Construction Conference invites ambitious researchers and practitioners from around the world who have realized the significance of the above points and accept that building materials, construction technologies, and project management will creatively and quickly evolve in the future.  CCC 2014 aims to contribute to this process through exciting new findings presented by researchers and practitioners alike, and through our collective brainstorming.

You are cordially invited to participate in this year’s Conference. We look forward to exploring the known and unknown boundaries of construction together.

Year 2014 brings two important changes to the relatively short history of the Creative Construction conferences. First, starting this year the Conference will be held in different cities and countries, allowing more research colleagues from a particular country to participate.  Prague – the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic – will play the gracious host of the upcoming Conference this June. Second, extended versions of select papers will  be published in Scopus-indexed Procedia Engineering. Furthermore, a further few selected, expanded and fully refereed papers that fit the scope and mission of Automation in Construction will be published in a special section of the journal.

We look forward to seeing you this June in Prague.


Mirosław Skibniewski
Chair of the International
Advisory Board
Miklós Hajdu
Chair of the International
Organizing Committee
Aleš Tomek
Chair of the Local
Organizing Committee




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